UWIN Introduction

UWIN - the University Wireless Information Network - Release 3

The Student Technology Enhancement Program (STEP) and the Department of Information Networks welcomes you to UWIN (University Wireless Information Network). The students via STEP have made possible the University's efforts of deploying a campus wide, useful and secure wireless data network.

UWIN provides the following ...

1) an easy to use wireless connection which should be available to any computer with a web browser and a user with a valid University CLID and password

2) security provided by the applications the user selects when attached to "UWIN" and the ability to run a VPN when attached to "UWIN-VPN"

3) mobility (you can access the network while you move around in a hotspot, and if the hotspots overlap you can access the network while you move from hotspot to hotspot)

4) roaming (you can move from any UWIN hotspot to any UWIN hotspot anywhere on campus and not have to log in again)

Our current deployment locations can be seen here. Users can tell if a building includes one or more hotspots by looking for the UWIN logo. Each main public entrance of the building will be marked with the logo. Looking from the outside of the building, on the leftmost door glass, in the upper left hand corner the user will find the UWIN logo.


1) power up the computer, enable the wireless interface if necessary, connect to UWIN if not automatically connected, and wait for the indication that the wireless network is connected

2) open your web browser, instead of going to your normal homepage UWIN will take you to a login page

3) enter your CLID and password in the login fields and click LOGIN

4) if you are authorized your web browser will go to your homepage (note step #7 below)

5) use your computer

6) when you are finished using UWIN go to http://uwin-logout.louisiana.edu (or and click the LOGOUT button

7) SPECIAL NOTICE: The first time you use UWIN, in step #4 you will be taken to the NETREG registration page. Follow the instructions to register your computer. Go to and click the LOGOUT button. Wait two minutes and reboot your computer and repeat the above instructions.


Users who used VPNs under UWIN Release 1 or 2 or other users interested in using a VPN for additional security should be aware that UWIN Release 3 has a VPN service available. It is available to any user by connection to "UWIN-VPN" instead of "UWIN", but is unsupported by the Computing Center Help Desk and the Information Networks Solutions Desk. It may be removed from service at any time. XP computers configured for VPN as documented on this web site are functioning on UWIN-VPN.

To use the VPN service ... 1) your CLID and password must be active, 2) power up the laptop and wait for a basic wireless connection to UWIN-VPN message, 3) request/open/connect the VPN connection by clicking your desktop icon or VPN icon in "show all connections" (just like in UWIN Release 1 or 2).

When you are finished with the VPN session just right click the connection icon and select "Disconnect".

Information on configuration of a Windows XP System -- for VPN use a program to install the VPN can be found here and step by step details can be found here. At this time we have only been succesful using PAP with L2TP/IPSEC.


The FAQ for wireless is here.

The General Rules and Policies for wireless operations on campus are listed here.

Please contact Information Networks at 337-482-6418 if you have a non-PC wireless network device that is not web browser capable.


University Staff and Students that have meetings or conferences on campus may request special access for their visitors. The special access must be requested by a faculty or staff member with a valid CLID by contacting the Information Networks Office at 337-482-6418 and request special UWIN-MTG Meeting Access. This request can be made by calling the office and providing the necessary information.

Guests and vistors that need service will have to have a sponsor. The campus sponsor will have to assist their guests to connect the visiting computer to UWIN. This also means that the sponsor is responsible for activity on the guest computer. We strongly urge the sponsor to keep a log of their visitors.