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SMART Board Tech Talk Informaation

Pick-up Procedures

Information and Media Networks has reviewed our pick-up procedures and developed new steps to better serve our customer base. Currently, there are numerous devices that are available for pick-up in Dupre Library 302; analog phones, 705s, Cat5 cables, speakerphones, LCD projectors, overhead projectors, flat screen TVs, DVD players, plus additional audio-visual equipment.

Previously, the pick-up of equipment had to be done by a faculty or staff member. This has at times posed problems due to scheduling conflicts of faculty and staff requirements. In order to alleviate scheduling conflicts, Information and Media Networks will now allow faculty and staff to send student workers to pick-up requested items.

The only requirement is that the student must provide their Student ID for verification. If there are any questions regarding this new procedure, please contact Information and Media Networks at 482-6418.

** Click here to view information pertaining to the new UWIN pass phrase whill be implemented Spring 2012 **

Short Duration Campus Telephone Outages

On Thursday, Feb 24, 2011 between 6:30 AM and 6:00 PM the telephone system will be under repair. This repair requires some telephones to have short service disruptions. Calls to impacted telephones will still have the incoming calls directed to voice mail.

Each outage is expected to last 10 minutes or less. Some phones are planned to take a single outage. Some phones are planned to take two outages. If there are problems with the repair, some telephones may take more than two outages.

The areas impacted are generally (but not limited to) ...
  1. Buildings on the East end of the Quadrangle
  2. Rose Garden Buildings
  3. Buildings South of McKinley Street
  4. Buildings West of Louis Street

A complete list of phone numbers planned to take outages can be found at:

This is a required repair of equipment that provides for telephone services during power outages. Information and Media Networks regrets any inconvenience this may cause to your operations.


The Office of Information Technology is aware that the University wireless has been experiencing technical difficulties recently. We have been researching the causes of these difficulties, as well as developing a solution to serve University faculty, staff, and students now and in the future.

If you are experiencing any problems connecting to or remaining connected to UWIN, UWIN-MTG, or UWIN-VPN the following steps will guide you to connect to an alternate wireless SSID. The “UWIN-E” SSID is provided to alleviate the recent problems.


  1. Power up the computer, enable the wireless interface if necessary, connect to UWIN-E if not automatically connected, and wait for the indication that the wireless network is connected
  2. Open your web browser; if your browser does not show a NetReg login screen, your computer has already been registered with NetReg and you are ready to use your computer
  3. The first time you use UWIN-E, you may be taken to the NETREG registration page. Follow the instructions to register your computer. Wait two minutes, reboot your computer, and repeat the above instructions
  4. Use your computer
  5. After you complete the above steps, there will be no need for you to repeat them. When you connect to UWIN-E, access will be automatic


  1. Power up the computer, enable the wireless interface if necessary, connect to UWIN-E if not automatically connected, and wait for the indication that the wireless network is connected
  2. Use your computer – no login will be necessary as long as your computer MAC address is registered in NetReg.

UWIN-MTG will continue to be available for University meeting needs to support outside participants Internet access so long as the equipment continues to operate. UWIN-E does not function as an outside resources; it is strictly for the use of University faculty, staff, and students.


The University has formed a Wireless Network Futures Committee that has been looking into the University’s current wireless dilemma and its wireless future. The committee is in the process of compiling information in preparation of making a recommendation to the University CIO.

For answers to common wireless questions, please visit the IMN UWIN FAQ page (

Wireless Vendor Presentations

To view information from the wireless vendor presentations which occurred during the month of Septemeber, click here.

If you have any questions or comments, please email them to