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Updated Amber Alert  Information
Information from Lafayette City-Parish OHSEP

SWINE FLU INFORMATION ... You can obtain answers to frequently asked questions about Swine Flu by reading this information. You can also visit the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitials website or the Centers for Disease Control website.

CONNECT LAFAYETTE ... Lafayette Parish residents now are able to receive information about road closures, power outages, evacuations and other matters through a service launched by Lafayette Consolidated Government. Residents will be able to opt in or opt out of the system. There is no charge to you for the service, but cell minutes, e-mail or SMS messages to your device may incur a cost (check your plan). Please click here for the details or to register.
EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM ... You can get information about receiving Emergency Alert System (EAS) text messages on your cell phone (or e-mailed to your email mailbox). There is no charge to you for the service, but cell minutes, e-mail or SMS messages to your device may incur a cost (check your plan). Please click here for all of the details or to register.
Get a Game Plan ... To help protect you and your loved ones from hurricanes and other unexpected events, it is time to get a game plan. Please click here for all of the details.

BIRD FLU (PANDEMIC) INFORMATION ... Pandemic planning, for events like the Bird Flu, requires that people that do not usually respond to health incidents understand the actions and priorities necessary to prepare for and respond to the potential problems. Information is provided to help individuals and families participate in planning efforts. An information guide is available here.
HOMELAND SECURITY PREPAREDNESS should be reviewed by everyone. Across America, governments, businesses, and individuals are working hard to strengthen our Nation's security. In addition to the information on this page, additional information can be found at the Department of Homeland Security.
WEST NILE VIRUS information from the Louisiana Office of Public Health. These files are in MicroSoft Word Format.

General Fact Sheet #1 / General Fact Sheet #2 / Protection Information / Prevention Information / What to Do If You Find a Dead Bird

The Lafayette City-Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is mandated to coordinate those actions needed to protect the lives and property of people in Lafayette Parish during major emergencies and disasters.

Lafayette Parish is located in the south central part of Louisiana (area map) with a population of approximately 221,578 (2010 census) persons and encompassing approximately 270 square miles of land. The major cities / populations (2010 US Census) / areas (sq. mi.) are:

The following information is provided to the residents of Lafayette Parish. Review this information today, and plan for the future.

Additional information on Extreme Heat, Flooding, Hurricanes, Lightning, Tornadoes, Your Emergency Planning, Breaking Weather Stories, U.S. City Forecasts, Travel Conditions and Weather Maps are available at Project Safeside. The Safeside information has been prepared by the American Red Cross and The Weather Channel.

Simply Chemical

Although the Checklist for a Chemical Emergency is provided above, you can obtain a wealth of information to prepare for this type of emergency from EPA. The EPA Emergency Management Site has information to ensure that this nation is better prepared for environmental emergencies. The EPA is working with other federal partners to prevent accidents as well as to maintain superior response capabilities. Their role is to provide information about response efforts, regulations, tools, and research that will help the regulated community, government entities, and concerned citizens prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

To contact the Lafayette Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness please send email or please call us, our voice number is 337-291-5075. 

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